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Six Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Optimized Website

Every day millions of mobile smartphone users surf the web. If your website is not mobile optimized then chances are your visitors are bouncing.

There are over 160 million Mobile users world wide1 . Mobile smartphones include the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and many more. This year alone Mobile users grew at a rate of 11%. 2 This trend will continue to grow and the sooner your site is optimized the stronger your marketshare can become.

1Visitor Experience

Browsing the internet using a Mobile is a different visitor experience then using a normal computer. Mobile smartphones have smaller screen sizes and use different input methods like a touchscreen or a joystick instead of a keyboard and mouse.
With a Mobile optimized website your visitors will experience a easy to use version of your website which can lead to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

2Designed for Mobile

Mobile smartphones do an amazing job of displaying web pages, but most of the time non-optimized websites are not useable via a mobile smartphone due to browsing and rendering issues. Mobile visitors often want and/or need quick access to your website's content. The stress and confusion often leads the visitor to bounce off your site.
A Mobile optimized website uses the rich power and the advanced content rendering capabilities of the Mobile hard- and software.
Visitors don't have to zoom, fumble or deal with microscopic text on their screens because the optimized version of your website perfectly fits their Mobile screens.

3Advanced Mobile Features For Your Visitors

Internet Browsers on Mobiles are "smart" and provide more functionality specific to mobile use.

This advanced functionality includes: One click/ touch call, email, and SMS messaging. Built in GPS technology to provide the visitor with directions to your business from their exact location (without the user having to manually enter their location)

4Please wait...

Today's websites are designed for high-speed internet like DSL and therefore have pictures, animations, videos and a lot of content which makes the total size of a website very large. Mobile smartphones operate on slower internet speed networks like 3G or UMTS.

A non-optimized website will likely load very slow on a mobile smartphone and the visitor may have to wait seconds maybe minutes to see the webpage. In some cases the website cannot be loaded at all.

A Mobile optimized website is formatted to be most efficient on the mobile networks. MobilesiteGuru technology provides formatting for photos and pages to efficiently load and render on all Mobile devices.

5Enhance your current website

A Mobile optimized version of your website will enhance your website without interfering with it. You can choose to display the optimized version automatically to Mobile Visitors. The Mobile optimized site will only be displayed to visitors who are accessing your website via a Mobile.

6Pay Off

A Mobile optimized site solves your visitors usability problems and thus can increase page views and improves conversion rates.

MobilesiteGuru is an easy to use platform to create top of the line and free Mobile Websites.