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Advance Technologies - Easy To Use

Database, Dynamic Pages, and Advanced Technologies! MobilesiteGuru's Mobile Framework is a state-of-the-art platform that combines modern technologies and affordability.

  • Mobile Platform
  • Our state of the art modular Framework for Mobile Platforms allows us to write one codebase that automatically optimizes for over 4000 supported mobile platforms. The Framework includes a learn mechanism to optimize content for any unknown mobile platforms.

    The framework includes a plugin interface which can connect third party modules. API Interface headers are available for most modern programming languages. Web interfaces are available for PHP, ASP, Perl, Python and Java.

    The Framework optimizes HTML, JavaScript, Images and other web resources for mobile platforms. The framework is available as a hosted and/or dedicated solution.
  • Database Optimization
  • Most standard web databases are not optimized for Mobile Visitors. MobilesiteGuru solves that problem by providing a technology that works with your existing database infrastructure and automatically optimizes the information used for mobile users.

    Our database experts will work with you to determine which information is useful and necessary for your mobile visitors and create a generic interface to your existing database. A final extensive QA will make sure that the mobile optimizated database is resource-saving with low load times.

    Our platform provides a variety of abstract and native interfaces to common databases.

    Click here to see our Database Interfaces
    Native Database Interfaces
    • Apache Derby
    • dBase
    • DB++
    • Cloudscape
    • EDBC
    • FrontBase
    • filePro
    • Firebird/InterBase
    • Informix
    • IBM DB2
    • Ingred DBMS
    • Ingress Enterprise Access Gateways
    • MaxDB
    • Mongo
    • mSQL
    • Mssql - Mobilesite SQL Server
    • MySql
    • Oracle (OCI8)
    • Paradox - Paradox File Access
    • PostGreSQL
    • SQLite and SQLite3
    • Sybase
    Abstract Database Interfaces
    • ODBC
    • dbx
    • DBA - DBM Style

MobilesiteGuru is an easy to use platform to create top of the line and free Mobile Websites.